Mobile and easy to use pipe bending machine

Our innovative pipe bending machines make pipe installation more fluent than before. Our bending machines are easy to move and use, which allows you to change the way you work and use more of your time on the actual installation. The bending machines are suitable for industrial plants and system suppliers, as well as hydraulic maintenance companies.

Release of a business transaction between Premeka Oy and TH Tarmatic Oy.
Tarmatic’s TB35 and TB45 pipe bending machine business was transferred to Premeka Oy as of May 1, 2021. If you have any questions about pipe benders, please browse


As our pipe bending machines are battery-operated, they can be used anywhere. The mobile machine is easy to carry to the sites. This means that the installers no longer have to run back and forth between the installation site and the bending machine, as they can do everything in one place. This saves time, effort, and even costs. For longer transportations, the casing included in the delivery makes forklifts unnecessary.

Easy to use

Using our pipe bending machines is really easy. The machine only has three buttons, while everything is done manually without complicated programming. The integrated angle indicators make it easy to use the machine while rendering separate tools such as try square and measures unnecessary. The magnetically mounted control unit can be used from a distance of up to three metres from the machine.


We only use high-quality parts which can take everyday use at high loads. The pipe bending machine forms the pipe at exactly the desired angle. The battery is designed to last for 30 bendings at maximum pipe size, or several days of use on smaller pipes. An external power source (230 V) is also available, which can be used for example when working in sub-zero temperatures.

Developed from the user’s perspective

Our pipe bending machines are based on our own experience: we were not quite happy with the available tools when installing pipes. Therefore, we decided to design a pipe bending machine that would meet the challenges of actual installation work as well as possible. We have utilised our years of experience in various pipe installations in the development of the machines. We use our pipe bending machines every day.

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